Success Story: Mrs. C.

Mrs. C. was living at home attending church, cooking, and enjoying visiting with family and friends. She began to have difficulty caring for self and experienced weakness, decreased cognition, and balance resulting in falls and hospitalization. She came into our facility dependent for all care.

She admitted to our facility to address ADL deficits, cognitive decline, weakness and balance deficits. PT evaluated her. Initially for sitting balance, and activity tolerance and then to address decrease balance, gait, and weakness as tolerated. OT evaluated to target decreased self-care and ST to target cognitive decline and ability to eat again.

Mrs. C. was able to complete her rehab program and a home visit to assess environment and needs for transition back home. She was able to return to PLOF in private residence and get back to the lifestyle she enjoys.

It was a pleasure serving your patient’s rehabilitation needs. If you have, any further questions please contact Cathy Bryant at (270) 442-6168.

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