Thank you!

November 5, 2019 — River Haven would like to give a big THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to our Therapy department. During National Rehabilitation week. The team was presented with an award by the rehab director Kathleen Cousineau for their outstanding performance. Our rehab team consistently goes above and beyond providing amazing therapy to help patients realize their goals. Our... Read More

Preemie Success Story

November 5, 2019 — Cutie-Patootie Alert Beckett Augustus Campbell; Born on 6/26/2019, 5 pounds 4 ounces, 18 ¾ inches long, was born to Landon and Heather Campbell (Therapist). WE can’t get enough of him and his cuteness. Beckett is truly a baby to be Thankful for and he’s a fighter, that’s for sure. Please help me welcome him to... Read More

Welcome Interim Administrator Manny Alverez!!!

November 5, 2019 — Manny will be with us during our transition period as we find the best suited administrator for our successful skilled nursing facility. He is coming into a facility that has beaten the odds by having an AWESOME survey compared to previous years and has undergone a complete turn around internally. The baton was handed off... Read More

World Kindness Day is November 13

November 5, 2019 — Kindness is a generosity of spirit. It comes to life when we give of ourselves and our time to be of help to others, without expecting anything in return. When you show kindness to somebody you bring out the best in yourself, and a side-effect of brightening up somebody else’s day is to feel happier... Read More

Letter from The Administrator

November 5, 2019 — Farewell Holbrook family! “As we go on We remember All the times we HAD TOGETHER And as our lives change Come whatever We will still be Friends forever!” Graduation by Vitamin C Derek Holbrook has been our administrator for a year and a half. He’s seen our facility through one of its most trying times... Read More

In the Smoky Mountains with Bryreck! Adorable

October 7, 2019 — Derek says, “She got him wrapped around her little finger”. Isn’t that what all the best dad’s say about their little girls. Thanks for keeping up with her pictures… We can’t get enough of little miss cutie patootie. We’re in love!

Red Hat Society at River Haven

October 7, 2019 — Encouragement, Morale, Support, and Friendship is what it’s all about here at River Haven. We decided to make it official. Say hello to the River Haven Red Hat Society. We had a Blast! Thanks activities Director Fatiya and Assistant Jaletha. Ya’ll Rock!!!

Cutie-Patootie Alert

October 7, 2019 — Look out Sleeping Beauty cause Miss Violet has you beat. She’s a sleeper and a keeper. We can’t get enough of her adorable pictures. Thanks Amber for sharing your precious cutie patootie with us. We’re in love.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 7, 2019 — 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. I Run For Life by Melissa Etheridge I run for hope I run to feel I run for the truth For all that is real I run for your mother, your sister, your wife I run for you and me, my friend... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

October 7, 2019 — River Haven is working to make changes within our facility each month. We are building morale with our high-five grocery store. Enhancing the resident experience by revving up our meals to accommodate their desire to have better tasting food choices. Hiring the right team for our family of residents. Providing a wing of private rooms... Read More