A few of our local Heroes!!!

July 31, 2020 — I went delivering thank you candies to some of our local heroes today. I went to Marshall County Hospital and saw (SW Meagan), The Stilley House (Robyn & Paul), Jackson Purchase (The Case Management team), Fern Terrace (Kim & Amanda), and Mercy Health Lourdes Hospital (Teresa – Brent – LeeWhitney)! Let me just say this…... Read More

Fun Day Making Dream Catchers

July 31, 2020 — What a wonderful and amazing idea for a crafts project. Our residents truly enjoyed their day making dream catchers. Thanks to our activities department our residents stay active and plugged into life. It may seem small but these activities help eye hand coordination, feeling of belonging, and accomplishing a task which helps to keep our... Read More

Show & Tell

July 31, 2020 — Our activities ladies went around asking our family of residents about their possession they cherished the most. They then asked them to tell us a bit about their favorite thing. Here’s what we learned from this experience. 1) Not all things in life matter but a few small items if gone would make life unbearable.... Read More


July 31, 2020 — Ice cream floats and delicious food. Happy CNA week to the most fabulous teammates at River Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation. We are nothing without the backbone of our CNA team and we couldn’t do the care and attention without each and every one of them. We love you. #️YOurCNAs #CNAsRock!!!

Letter from the Administrator

July 31, 2020 — August is National Happiness Month!!! We here at River haven will be focusing on the positive, staying safe, and helping our community find joy in their hearts during this unprecedented time of our lives. You might be asking yourself, How? Great question. How can one stay happy or even better find happiness? Upon further thought... Read More

Purple Heart Day – August 7

July 31, 2020 — Most American adults have heard of the Purple Heart Award, or even know a veteran who has received it, but what is the origin of this distinguished honor? On August 7, 1782, President George Washington decided on a symbolic honor for three soldiers he originally called the “Badge of Merit.” After this inaugural honor was... Read More

Memorial Day Celebration

July 5, 2020 — Our team knows just the thing to our family’s heart. FOOD!!!! With social distancing in place and yummy food our residents had a beautiful and blessed holiday. We are thankful for all of our men and women who served, are serving, or gave their life for our country while serving in our armed services. We... Read More


July 5, 2020 — We’d like to give a huge shout out to Teresa (RN) (on the right) and Taylor (social workers of the care management department) (on the left) for their hard work and dedication during this unprecedented pandemic at Mercy Health Hospital. As the admissions and marketing director of our facility I normally see these ladies on... Read More

River Haven Art Gallery

July 5, 2020 — Our residents love to stay active and today they used their imagination and artistic abilities to bring sunshine to our facility through their adoring art canvases. Check them out!!! I believe we’ve got some Picassos and Van Goh artwork here; in my opinion. Thank you to our activities ladies for their vision and continued efforts... Read More

Rocks of Love

July 5, 2020 — Our creative activities ladies are hard at it again… Getting everyone involved in painting Happy Rocks to brighten their lives and those around them. It tends to be the simplest of tasks sometimes that can bring a smile, feeling of joy, and sense of inclusion. We find it of utmost importance to keep our community... Read More