Kick Up Your Grilled Cheese for National Grilled Cheese Day

plated grilled cheese sandwich

Kick Up Your Grilled Cheese for National Grilled Cheese Day on Wednesday, April 12

There are so many variations on the grilled cheese sandwich today; your choices are only limited by your tastes and imagination! What you’ll need: Butter, Bread, and Your Choice of Cheese!

Try the following combinations for six new exciting ways to enjoy a grilled cheese. Feel free to mix-and-match the add-ins and create your own!

  • Add thinly sliced grilled Canadian bacon and an over-easy to over-medium egg to your favorite cheese.
  • Spread two tablespoons of your favorite BBQ sauce on top of the cheese. Top the sauce with three strips of crispy black pepper bacon.
  • Smear a thin layer of apple butter on the inside of your bread before a layering of brie, topped by thinly sliced red apple.
  • Spread a light layer of cranberry sauce on the inside of the bread before topping it with your favorite cheese and a layer of honey-roasted turkey.
  • Smear one tablespoon of pesto on the inside of your bread, and top with tomato slices. Add thick-cut mozzarella and sprinkle lightly with Italian seasoning.
  • Smear bread with softened cream cheese, and top with finely chopped jalapenos. Add crispy bacon and sprinkle lightly with garlic powder.
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