Our loves!

River Haven resident

That’s right, we love our community. Each and every one of them holds a special place in our hearts. Each person has their own unique personality… From Miss Ada telling our Administrator how she’s her 👼 angel because she comes to visit her every morning…. or how Mr X says, “hey you’re looking beautiful today”, as you walk by wishing him good morning…. or how Miss Lana smiles at you and laughs about her cup of coffee… or how Mr Luke is ready for his next smoke break just after getting back 10 mins ago…. or how Miss X says to our teammate, “your eyebrows look like worms” …. their honesty is unwavering, and their love is ever overflowing in abundance and it nearly makes our hearts explode. If you’ve worked in this industry for very long you know how it can be…. it’s a roll with the punches, slide off your back, and love tenfold kind of work. One that we here at River
Haven wouldn’t change
for the world. 😍


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