Letter from the Administrator

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March is here and spring is upon us causing me to reflect on my time here at River Haven. I’ve learned that Paducah is an amazing town with lots of wonderful people. My adventure here will come to an end by the 27th of this month and I’d like to leave you with a couple of things I’ve learned about this quaint facility.

First, River Haven is a rehabilitation and nursing facility with short-term and long-term residents. Sadly, folks think that because you’re in a nursing home life stops! Well, that’s just not true. We are fortunate to have an amazing crew of dedicated folks helping our family of residents live a better more satisfying quality of life. One way they do this is by constantly providing fun activities… they sing songs, dance to music, play bingo, play games, study the Bible, make crafts, hold social meetings, give beauty makeovers, bake cookies, decorate cards, and make memory boards to name a few. As you can see it’s anything but boring.

Lastly, spring is the time to clear the cobwebs and make everything new again. I don’t know about you but I tend to deep clean everything, replenish the mulch, sow the grass, till the soil, ready the tacklebox, prepare the mower, and much more. In life you have to constantly clear the clutter to free yourself from the heavy burdens that surround us. River Haven is getting an internal facelift as we speak. So, be on the lookout for their Open House coming soon.

In closing, my prayer for you as I bid you farewell, is this… as you clear the clutter to become free of its threshold you too find the time to experience all of the beauty that spring has to offer.

God Bless you and River Haven,

Manny Alvarez Interim Administrator Oct 2019-March 2020

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