Letter from the Administrator

Administrator Manny Alvarez


We here at River Haven love our family of residents and believe their safety to be of utmost importance. We promptly took immediate action when Governor Andy Beshear asked that all nursing homes ban visitors except for the loved ones of patients receiving end-of-life care in the effort to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

Andy Beshear went on to say, “I understand there are Kentuckians out there who worry they might not be able to see their loved one, I get that! But right now, we are making sure that we are protecting the life, health, and safety of individuals in those facilities.” River Haven’s team is in 100% agreement with Governor Beshear. Safety 1st.

Infection Control Measures:

  1. Temperature checks of all personnel upon entry to our facility. No more than a 99-degree temperature will be permitted for a team member to stay and work. If a temperature of 100 degrees is present the individual is sent home until they are temp-free for 2 days.
  2. Everyone who enters must use a quarter dollop of hand sanitizer and let it dry before leaving the lobby.
  3. No visitors in the facility unless it’s for a resident getting end-of-life care. Visitors include family, friends, vendors, scheduled events, church, and non-essential workers.
  4. We are stocked up on hand sanitizer and other personal care items for our team and residents.
  5. Everyone must complete a questionnaire daily upon entering the facility. The questions are designed to evaluate if the individual has been around persons infected with COVID-19, have the virus, symptoms, or been out of the United States recently. If they answer yes to one or more of the questions, then admission into our facility is placed under review for an approval or denial of their admission.
  6. A signature is needed in the temperature log and on the questionnaire for documentation and compliance purposes.
  7. We have addressed hand washing techniques with in-service training.
  8. We have asked that our housekeeping folks spray the door handles and handrails with disinfecting spray 3 times per shift.

These are just a few of the many changes and precautionary steps we have taken to address our facilities infection control measures. As always, we thank you for entrusting us to care for your loved ones. We look forward to working with you over the course of the next several weeks as we all endure socially limiting ourselves and COVID-19’s departure. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 270-442-6168.

Manny Alvarez, Interim Administrator

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