Five Ways to Relax

two women sitting on floor, meditating, and relaxing in yoga class

On Relaxation Day, August 15, try some of these methods that can help to reduce stress and relax.

1. Deep controlled breathing may help. Sit comfortably and inhale through the nose slowly and deeply, while concentrating on contracting your stomach muscles with each breath.

2. Progressive relaxation combines breathing exercises with the slow contraction of body muscles. Work through each body muscle group from the toes to your chest by flexing each one and releasing the tension as you exhale.

3. Meditation helps unite the body and mind. Occupy your mind with a pleasing memory or image; close your eyes and focus on that thought. Feel the joy of that moment. Be sure to seek out a quiet setting to ensure that you are not disturbed.

4. Exercise benefits the mind as well as the body. Regular cardiovascular exercise (like walking, dancing, cycling) is one of the leading ways to relieve stress. Be sure to consult your physician on what exercises, duration and frequency is right for you.

5. Yoga is great for settling the mind, placing you at ease and promoting mental and spiritual enlightenment. Yoga flows and postures learned from an in-person class or an online lesson may help to bring balance, strength and mobility to your system.

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