Exercise and Heart Health

group of older adults in the gym using exercise machines

If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease or are at risk of developing heart disease, regular exercise is essential for the health of your heart, body and mind.

In fact, aerobic exercise and heart health really do go hand-in-hand. The American Heart Association has recently added “lack of exercise” to the list of major risk factors for heart disease. The other risk factors are smoking, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol. Exercise not only helps fight heart disease and gets you in shape, but if you live a sedentary lifestyle, a regular exercise routine can also:

  • help control high blood pressure
  • reduce the risks of type II diabetes
  • help prevent osteoporosis
  • improve your general wellbeing and help fight depression, anxiety and stress
  • greatly help to lose weight

Be sure to speak with your physician before adding exercise to your routine, so you know what type and amount is right for you.

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