Bingo Anyone?

Collage of Riverhaven Residents playing bingo

Bingo is one of our communities all time favorites. Our beloved residents enjoy their time with the famous Golden Girls: Jalletha, Kaye, and Britney. With social distancing in full effect Hallway-Bingo is a fan fave. Of course, when the administrator, Sharon Link say’s, “Bingo”…(and she’s not playing Bingo) the hall erupts into laughter, there may be a small bits of trash talk, and she is boo’d off the hall. That’s just it! We joke with one another because we are family and it makes our lives fun. Those playing Bingo laugh, Sharon laughs, the nurses laugh, and before you know it the feeling that life is good warms your soul. Finding these types of opportunities is what sets up apart. When we talk to families we go into detail about how we create an atmosphere of love, fun, silliness, and professionalism all in one. This is their home! Today’s Bingo was a joyous occasion, one we will look forward to each week.

#WeLoveBingo #1BestActivitiesDepartment #YummySnack!

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