Annual Walk-For-A-Cure

Alzheimer’s Associations 2019 Annual Walk-For-A-Cure was held today during a super ducky day. Lots of rain! River Haven was out supporting, volunteering, and raised just over $1000 so far this year.

I saw many faces that I knew and was surprised by how many families like myself have been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. We thank everyone who came out to help support our association and remember those who were lost fighting this battle. We want everyone to know if you are burdened with Alzheimer’s disease or you are a caregiver or a supporter or you have lost a loved one… you are not alone!

Help us if you will to raise money. Our goal is $85,000. Please contact Teresa or Shannon or Ann @River Haven. We will be glad to help you figure out a plan to raise money in your workplace. Sometimes just having someone who has been there and done it can make all the difference.


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