Welcome Aboard Administrator Sharon Link!

New Administrator Sharon Link

Please help me give a warm upstanding welcome to our new Administrator Sharon Link. She brings the game changing piece to our puzzle. Not only is she an RN (Service Hero) with a Bachelor in Arts with a focus on Health Care; she was also a state surveyor (auditor) for skilled nursing homes in the state of Kentucky for the past 8 years. Prior to becoming a nurse, she was a Certified Respiratory Therapist. As you can see… she’s a gem!

We believe her knowledge gained will help River Haven make a substantial footprint in our skilled nursing community. One that will help us gain more Medicare stars, reproduce last year’s outstanding state surrey results with zero IJ deficiencies, and prioritize our facility. With a passion for ensure our elderly are taken care of with the utmost respect, dignity, and love hired help has to offer she worked to gain her administrator license to make a difference in this world.

As she turns the page to a new chapter in her career her goal is to serve River Haven in such a way that it honors our residents, family, and community. She also brings a nurturing side to the mis as a dedicated family woman who is married with two children (one daughter and a son) and 7 wonderful grandchildren! I mean, Super Wow!!!

Please help me to ensure she gets a warm welcome filled with love, acceptance, and understanding. Ohana – means family and we are sincere when we say to Welcome to your new family at River Haven.

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