Therapy Success Stories

Resident 1 had difficulty with her ADL’s which were affecting her quality of life and ability to care for herself. She received Physical and Occupational therapies to regain her independence. In the four weeks she received therapy, she began getting stronger, moving easier and feeling better overall. She was exited that she made so much progress and met her goals with the help of our therapy team.

Resident 2 had been requiring significantly more assistance for everyday tasks after her trip to the hospital. Due to her changes in her level of care she began receiving Physical, Occupational, and Speech services. Upon admission to our facility, she required maximal assistance for these tasks, which progressed to her being able to complete them independently. She went from being unable to being able to do things on her own. She made great progress in regard to her physical and speech capabilities while working with our therapist. With the help of Occupational therapy, she had much greater ease with her ADL’s. We are proud of her progress and her increased ability to care for herself.

Resident 3 who is a long-term care resident at our facility was having increased difficulty with ADL’s. It affected his quality of life and caused him discomfort. Both he and his team of caregivers desired to see him regain in his words “had been” status. Occupational therapy started addressing his concerns with exercises tailored to achieve optimum success. Education for the caregivers was also provided to help in facilitating his goals. With consistency and hard work, he improved from 8 episodes a day to just over 1 per day. An amazing feat for someone who was growing wearing over his loss of independence, stress, humiliation, and discomfort that comes with our aging bodies. We are proud of him and he feels like his old-self again.

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