Show & Tell

resident sitting with her teddy bear who is wearing a medical mask

Our activities ladies went around asking our family of residents about their possession they cherished the most. They then asked them to tell us a bit about their favorite thing. Here’s what we learned from this experience.

1) Not all things in life matter but a few small items if gone would make life unbearable. (pictures of loved ones, sentimental gifts, stuffed animals, family jewelry etc.)

2) Many residents found that their personal belongings were less than once before but they’ve found great pleasure in what they do have in their rooms. (craft projects, coloring books, Music, TV, games, books, puzzles etc)

3) Many were thankful for their health and wellbeing.

4) The stuffed animals donated from the local Salvation Army have made a huge impact on their lives.

As you can see, River Haven is all about doing anything to make our family of residents happy and keep them entertained. From craft items to simply asking them about their lives and giving them an opportunity to feel included and loved.


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