Mother’s Day Brunch

photo collage of River Haven residents wearing their red hats on mother's day

We are blessed by many moms in our community. On Sunday May 9th for Mother’s Day, we all got together for a brunch to honor our beloved mom’s. We wore adorable hats, laughed together, and spent quality time with one another.

The title of mom comes in many forms… Mom, ma, mamma, mommy, stepmom, foster-mom, surrogate-mom, grandmother, teacher, coach, leader, inspiration, Christ-like, angel and many more. Whatever you call your mom we hope that your day was blessed and that you got to spend it with those you love most dear. To those moms who have fought the battle on earth and you’re now looking down from above, you are deeply missed, and your angel-date is forever etched in your loved-one’s mind.

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” – Unknown

Happy Mother’s Day with Love
River Haven Nursing & Rehab.

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