Letter From The Administrator

Love is in the Air!

That’s right folks… Love is in the air. This month our Activities department teamed up with our Marketing department and we’re going to be getting our loved ones all dolled up for a huge Valentine’s Day Extravaganza. Dressed-Up and Dolled-Up for 5×7 photos of our loved ones. Too many of our family members here do not have an updated photo. What better than to get dressed up when we know it helps lift one’s spirit and self-esteem. We hope the photo will give our loved ones a sense of acceptance and inclusion.

As you can see, Love is in the air at River Haven. We are a team that understands the profound magnitude of time. Time spent with our loved one’s equates beyond a monetary means. Time spent is a gift, a rudimentary need, and when given is everlasting to the recipient. Love comes in all forms… a touch, a smile, a hug, a compliment, one-on-one time, listening, etc.

We here at River Haven are always on the lookout for top notch employees who understand that their job goes beyond the employee job description. It’s the unspoken drive one must have to be a servant with a calling to help those less fortunate then themselves. It exudes from their being like a light sent from the Lord above. You see, we’re not just teammates; we’re a FAMILY who loves, cares, listens, embraces, sings, dances, laughs, and engages with our community in such a way that they know they’re special to our hearts.

If you’d like to team up with us and help make our Valentine’s Day extravaganza special, we are looking for volunteers to help us gather costume jewelry, top hats, suits, blazers, ladies sweaters, dresses, etc. Please contact Jalletha Matchum at 270-442-6168 for any donations you might have to help make this event a huge success.


Sharon Link

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