Letter from the Administrator

River Haven nursing and rehab administrator at her desk

New Procedure in Place

As time evolves during this unprecedented pandemic we have adopted many new procedures to keep your loved ones safe and sound. The newest is testing our entire team for the corona virus every two weeks (started back in July). We continue to wear our masks, social distance, temp check everyone with our new automated temperature screening system, and ask the required evaluation questions upon entering our building.

Loved ones can visit their family during designated times throughout the week in our courtyard keeping in mind all social distancing regulations. If the family, so chooses to, they can visit outside of those times via window visits. Just let the team know you’re here and we’ll get you all set up. Remember: you can bring folding chairs, pop-up umbrella, and always wear your mask!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these processes please let us know. Keeping our loved one safe is our number one concern and requires all of us to ensure that we are abiding by the rules of our state. I can be reached at 270-442-6168 for any questions or concerns. Please try and stay upbeat and positive. I know it can be overwhelming stressful right now but our Lord, our team, and your prayers are what will help bring us through this together. Amen!


With Love,

Kristy Felitsky

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