Labor Day Celebrations

Riverhaven Nursing and Rehab Resident sitting outside holding an American flag for Labor Day Celebration

Picnic and outdoor fun all while social distancing. Skilled Nursing is not the same anymore. You might ask, what do you mean?…. over the years, for the betterment of the folks who reside in skilled care facilities there have been changes that evolved since I was a CNA more than 20 years ago. Today, we work on getting folks outside to feel the gentle loving breeze on their face, the sun ever so lightly kiss their skin all while soaking in some vitamin D, and truly focus on keeping everyone active (not only mentally but physically). These may seem like small tasks and definitely something I have taken for granted myself. I am proud of the changes we’ve made as a culture and continue to change every day. At River Haven we love our residents and keeping their lives as normal as possible is always on our minds. The pandemic is here. That is true, but how we respond is what helps us standout amongst our peers. Take a look! Some great photos of our residents and their festive Labor Day picnic.


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